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Return & Replacement

TopWhat can I do if I received a wrong item?

Please contact our service team within 7 days once you received wrong item or some items missed. We will help you to change or resend the missed items.

Please rest assured!

TopWhat can I do if my item is defective?

1) In most of the cases, items may be defective due to misuse or a lack of installation knowledge. We recommend our customers to look for professional assistance before installation. We will not be responsible for any fault due to improper use or installation.

2) Our certified technicians will inspect and test all the items before shipment. 99 percentage of our products can run normally without problems. 

We promise: If you report a factory defective product

In 0 - 60 days:  You may choose an exchange or a refund for the full amount of  the products you purchased. For the exchange, we will send you a brand new product and we are responsible for both the return & resending postage.

61 days - 1 Year
:  We offer free repair service and we are responsible for the resend postage, while buyer should be responsible for the return postage.

Please kindly note that:

1. We are NOT responsible for the installing or uninstalling fee and tax.

2. We are NOT responsible for the return shipping fee should you need a refund.

Non-defective Item

If any item purchased from us fails to meet your expectation within 60 days. We may refund you as described below: the merchandise must be 100% complete, in the same condition as when sold, and in the original packaging as provided by us. Customer is responsible for the return postage. And we will not be responsible for installing or uninstalling.

TopCan I send the product back if I am unsatisfied with it?

If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us within 60 days of its purchase date. If the internal package remains unopened, you can exchange it for another model. For the exchange, the balance will be paid by you or returned by us. You should be responsible for the 2-way shipping fee, which will be based on your country's shipping rates. So, before you place your order, please refer to all of the details in our product introduction page.

TopHow can I get my money back after sending the item back?

If you paid by paypal, we will refund by paypal only. Or please send your bank account to us by email, so we can refund your payment as soon as possible.

TopDo I have a warranty?

1) We offer 1 year warranty to all our products which are sold on our website: http://www.eonon.co.uk. But we are not responsible for the products which you buy from eBay reseller or your local reseller. The warranty of these products will depend on the policy of the resellers themselves.

2) Please complete the guarantee form when you receive the product; the warranty will be valid only for those products registered online http://www.eonon.com/warranty/warranty.aspx. We recommend our customers consult a professional for installation. Installation fee is NOT included if replacement is necessary or independent repair is done on an item.

3) The item's warranty becomes invalid:
(1) If damage is caused by: undue wear & tear, dirt, misuse, improper installation or operation, neglect, or accident.
(2) If the warranty seal is removed or damaged.
(3) If the item was opened, any parts of the item were removed or repaired by an unauthorized person.

Please read our policies and sale terms carefully before placing an order. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

TopI have reported my defective product, what should I do now?

Please kindly be patient, we will reply your email within 1 business day! After checking your email, we’ll offer several methods for you to check if the unit is really default. Most of time, you don’t need to send the item back by fixing some easy problems yourself.

1) If the problems are still exist after checking, we will offer you a return number to send it back. The item will not be checked and repaired without the return number.
2) After receiving your default item, our technician will test the item carefully. The CS will provide you service like we promised above!
3) If the product is neither can be fixed nor replaced, we will return part of the item price to you accordingly, but the shipping fee is not included.
Please remember to send your bank account information to us by email in order to refund your payment as soon as possible. If you paid by PayPal, we will ONLY refund through Paypal only.
4) If we determine that the item is working fine, the buyer will be responsible for the return shipment of the item. THE RIGHT TO JUDGE THE PRODUCT DEFECTIVENESS IS FROM OUR TECHNICIAN'S REPORT.

TopHow can I deal with transport damage or missing components package?

Our products are all brand new and inspected carefully before sending out. Please check the package before the courier leaves.
If you receive a broken item or missing part, please keep the original package and email the photos & your contact number to us within 5 days.

If products possibly damage during delivery, customers have to report in 5 days with your contact number and photo showing damage. Meanwhile, it may take about 15 days for the shipping company to investigate the case, thanks for your understanding.

Important note
The situation below does NOT meet the warranty policy requirements:
1.  Install and operate products inappropriately.
2.  Warranty seal is removed or damaged.
3.  Product is opened or repaired by unauthorized person.

TopCan I get a refund if I don’t want to keep the unit?

You can get a refund only in this case:

If the unit is factory defective after testing by our tech, we will refund part of the item price to you accordingly, but the shipping fee is not included.

TopNon-Returnable Items

-Items that have been damaged by improper use or abuse.
-Non-defective, opened items.
-Items NOT bought from official Eonon websites.

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